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Sustainable Sense. Part 2: Delicious and Sustainable.

When you are the market leader, all eyes are on you. And we know the importance of leading-by-example. Particularly in the sustainable world we not only live and thrive in, but in the world we want to leave to our children; to enjoy, sustain and carry on after us.

Bettws Hall Hospitality is Renowned.

Game goujons and beef joints from our own stock through to vegetables and fruits from our own teams' gardens, we pick the very best, freshest and local!

Working closely with our suppliers we try to reduce 'food miles' by sourcing fresh, local ingredients where possible for our shoot day, evening lodges and Bull & Heifer restaurant.

It just makes sense.

What is more, our suppliers are currently at work on their Net Zero Action Plan in order to make progress in reducing the carbon footprint, including:

- Carbon Emissions (35% reduction in CO² emissions in 2020 compared to 2019)

- Waste Reduction (Signatories of the Courtauld Commitment 2025)

- Environment Standard (Audited to ISO14001 Environment Standard)

- Sustainable Supply Chain (Members of the WRAP Green House Gas)

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