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When you are a market-leader, all eyes are on you.
And we know the imperative importance of leading-by-example.

Particularly in the sustainable world we not only live and thrive in,
but in the world we want to leave to our children; to enjoy, sustain and carry on after us.

Being conscious about our impact on the environment is no longer something to aim toward.
It is something to be actively doing. 

Here's how we are doing our bit so far: 




Welcome to our series looking at sustainable assurance within our family business and the

wider game keeping community throughout the industry and the UK.


We look at what shooting and gamekeeping mean to the people,

the communities and, crucially, the countryside in a collection of short reels.


Additionally, all footage has been taken by our own teams out in the field.

Think what goes on each and every day on all the wonderful estates across the country.


It is an important message that has never needed as much unison and voice as in recent times.

Sutainable Videos


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Using renewable combustible materials
from around our estates, our Biomass systems provide an efficient supply of heat to our luxury lodges and industry-leading game farm. Since their installation, our Biomass system has helped us reduce our like-for-like CO² emissions by
almost 90%*.

In 2024 we completed the installation of our new Solar Panels, fitted to our offices, hatchery and Kawasaki roofs to provide almost 12,000 units of energy everymonth!



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Packaging is always a balancing act.

No one wants wastage or non-recyclable items but packaging must keep the item it is protecting...protected!

We work with as many pro-eco suppliers as possible who share our ambition to reduce and recycle packaging. Working with Gaskells Waste and a local company called Parry & Evans, we have weekly collections for our many cardboard, plastic and glass recycling containers.

Pallets are always given a second life with us with creative staff utilising them for many uses such as seating areas and fencing repairs!

Our outgoing packaging, from postage boxes to Thank You bags, are made to be reused or recycled wherever possible and our in-field hospitality team claim to be one of the greenest available with minimum waste and recyclable packaging throughout.



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Supplying chicks throughout the UK and into Ireland as Europe's leading game farm means we use a high volume of our unmistakeable chick boxes.

To ensure our lovely chicks are in the absolute best comfort possible, the boxes must be hardy, insulated, ventilated and offer full protection.

And the best thing is...they are 100% natural and biodegradable!  


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Who thought bedding could be so interesting?

All of our rearing fields utilise eco-bedding (chopped up cardboard that was once packaging) as a comfortable bed and ground for our chicks. Not only does this already reuse a material, but it also has a further life after being used in our coups as nutrient-rich spreading manure on fields!



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From egg-to-peg-to-plate, we take great pride and respect in ensuring our company produces not only the finest sporting experiences but also provides a healthy, high-welfare and valuable food supply. 

Working with key bodies such as the British Game Assurance and Willo Game, we are proactive in ensuring pheasant, partridge and game meat through is promoted in the absolute best light that it deserves.

Our rearing programme uses a proven high-welfare system to care for our chicks through to poult age before they are released onto our BGA-audited estates. Not only do our estates provide a natural environment for our poults, our game farm team promote conservationism throughout the multitude of acres we manage across our shooting portfolio.

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Bettws Hall Hospitality is renowned.

Working closely with our suppliers we try to reduce 'food miles' by sourcing fresh, local ingredients where possible. It just makes sense.

What is more, our suppliers are currently at work on their Net Zero Action Plan in order to make progress in reducing the carbon footprint.

By identifying and targeting four key areas, our supply chain is taking key steps in addressing:

- Carbon Emissions (35% reduction in CO² emissions in 2020 compared to 2019)
- Waste Reduction (Signatories of the Courtauld Commitment 2025)
- Environmental Standard (Audited to ISO14001 Environmental Standard)
- Sustainable Supply Chain (Members of the WRAP Green House Gas)


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We cannot do this without you. Help work with us and let us know any advice you
could give us in becoming more sustainable, more green, more benevolent...!

How are we doing so far? 

If you think there is something else we could be doing to improve our sustainability in a market that has its own challenges, we would love to hear from you. 

Let us know and help Bettws Hall go from steps to leaps in being truly sustainable.


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