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Over the years we have spent a lot of time and investment in rearing birds and felt that we could develop a product that had the criteria goal of:

- Improving efficiency

- Becoming more user friendly

This led to the launch of our Bettws Hall Rearing System in 2014. The product was trialed, tested and tweaked for three years at our own rearing sites before launching on the market for others to purchase and realise that rearing could be made much easier!

It takes two people less than 10 minutes to set up the shell, which includes 4 panels, 50mm insulation, a bespoke tarpaulin and ratchets with two straining wires to hold securely in place. We have increased our average rear by using these systems,

whilst saving on gas usage too. 

The unique roof design and vents allow for a consistent airflow and are 6'6'' at the highest point, easing the build and daily work within them. Our Rearing Sheds can be used to rear all game and domestic poultry; all with the same set up and a 60' x 40' run in each shed.

These systems were recently patented and have been recognised by a game bird specific vet to maximise the welfare of our birds. Not only do these systems benefit the stock reared within them but also you and your keepers too. 

Built from materials designed to withstand the weather, our units have a long life-span and can be stored externally year-round on our specifically-design stillages, making mobility during set-up, cleaning and storage swift and easy.

Rearing Guidelines  What We Abide To

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