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Each year we rear strong, healthy poults over 60 high-welfare rearing sites throughout Mid-Wales & Shropshire. All of the sites are either owned or managed by Bettws Hall and each has an individual manager who has total day to day control over bird husbandry.

Our systems allow us to monitor each site individually and for them to have a direct point of contact with one of our site managers 24/7 if required. At our main office we review each site daily and look at mortality and feed usage. As and when the field manager and/or site manager has a concern, we inform our dedicated vet who will either visit the site or have birds taken in for post mortem. 

Our pheasant and partridge are reared in the same set up and have set routines for their rearing period. 

Our Partridges

We pride ourselves on producing the best red leg or Spanish partridge poults in the UK. We have a routine cocci treatment in force which has been agreed with our vet and has proven to increase rearing percentage whilst reducing the stress on our birds every season. The birds have a set feed routine for the duration of the period and, at 10 weeks, all our partridge are wormed through their food, prior to delivery. 

Our Pheasants

We offer a variety of breeds, all of which are traceable back to the origin and farm that the egg was delivered from through the systems which we have put in place. Like the partridge, our pheasants follow a feed routine and again are worked and have Cocci treatment prior to delivery for precaution and to help with the stress of delivery and release into their new home.

This is the end of the game farm process. Head over to our Sporting page for more information on our shoots and the end results of standing on the peg.

Rearing Quality Poults To Secure Your Season!

We do not simply comply with environmental standards and regulations – we exceed them.

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