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Our Individual Gun Days are made up of a line of eight Guns. These eight Guns, or Pegs, are available to book individually as a single Peg or any quantity that is available on any given day, should you wish some friends to join you. We will then fill the rest of the line with likeminded Guns for you to enjoy your day with. Partners are always more than welcome and the more people on the day, the merrier!

Our Individual Gun Days are priced per peg, meaning the total cost of the day is split equally between the Guns. This price varies from estate to estate and includes full hospitality for each Gun and any non-shooting guests who wish to join them.

Our Individual Gun Days are fixed dates set by us at the end of each season, for the following. There are Individual Gun Days throughout the shoot season and the days cover all six estates at different times of the season giving great variety for our Guns.
Further to this, our Individual Gun Days are typically structured in strings of three or more consecutive dates, giving you the option to stay with us longer and experience more than one of our estates in any given visit.

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