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Sustainable Sense. Part 1: Hot in Here.

When you are the market leader, all eyes are on you. And we know the importance of leading-by-example. Particularly in the sustainable world we not only live and thrive in, but in the world we want to leave to our children; to enjoy, sustain and carry on after us.

Keeping our guests staying in our luxury lodges warm and cosy amongst buildings that are full of exposed historical character is a tall order.

Thanks to our efficient Biomass system using renewable combustible materials from our own estates helping ensure all 21 en-suite rooms, along with their exclusive dining lounge areas, are kept at the optimum level of comfort day-in, day-out throughout the season.

Integrated in 2015, we have been able to reduce the amount of heating oil used and therefore reduced our like-for-like CO² emissions by almost 90%!

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