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An 'Odd' Car with a not-so 'Odd' message.

The recognisable OddBalls car popped into the lodges carrying a very important message about testicular cancer.

An Odd Car with a Not-so Odd Message

From exotic hyper cars to horse-drawn and everything in between, our famous courtyard has welcomed a wealth of different modes of transport throughout the years.

This week we were delighted to have welcomed a self-catering party in to stay in our Willows lodge for the week with a particularly eye-catching car!

The OddBalls Foundation was founded in December 2015 to raise awareness of Testicular Cancer. By tackling the stigma surrounded with men's health, the ambassadors at OddBalls were making an evident difference and changing conversation around Testicular Cancer.

In 2018, the Foundation launched the University Ambassador Programme, visiting schools, universities and workplaces, delivering talks on the important details of what, where and how to check - whilst removing any stigma or embarrassment about it!

An easy-to-use guide was produced of which can be viewed and downloaded here.

Presently in 2022, the Foundation has over 40 ambassadors spreading the word all around the UK and beyond!

If you are interested in joining the OddBalls team, you can contact them via email here.

They've got balls driving round in a car like that, and we love it!!

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