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An Incredible End to a Remarkable Season!

From 1st Sept to 31st Jan - what a season that was!


2021/22 Season Wrapped Up for Another Year.

From the very first hunting horn at Vaynor on 1st Sept to start the (partridge) season through to the final 6 horns across all of our estates on the 31st Jan, this season has been staggering.

After a prolonged time between the premature end of the COVID-hit 2020/21 season and the start of this one, the whole team, and industry, spent much time making preparations to ensure all of our guests, clients and visitors had a season to remember.

5 months later and there is a unanimous agreeance of how quick this season seemed to go!

Time, like our birds, flies when you're having fun.

On behalf of all of us here at Bettws Hall, we thank you for making this season the biggest and best yet. And, with the diary already filling quickly up for 2021/22, we are making way for an equally special season to come.

Thank You.


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