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Welcome to Dallas!

This week see's the team heading out to the Dallas Safari Club convention - booth 2347.

Amy and Marc look forward to seeing you at the DSC Convention in Dallas

January 5th - 9th 2023

BOOTH 2347

We are incredibly fortunate to have a wonderful portfolio of international clients, including many from the USA.

Our ability to host a team or single pegs for a full week of shooting a different estate each day, all whilst staying in one location, means we are the go-to choice for clients from across the world looking for wingshooting in the UK.

Amy and Marc will be at the Dallas Safari Club convention, Dallas, Texas, to catch up with current clients and meet new ones; detailing the wonderful story of our 30 year old family business.

Please do pop by for a chat and see how we can provide your complete trip from start to finish.

Not going to make it?

Pop Marc an email at or call on +44 (0) 1686 650628.

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