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Egg-to-Peg-to-Plate | Part 4: The Art of Transferring

Bridging Tradition & Technology in our State-of-the-Art Hatchery

On Part 3, eggs were 'rolled' in their incubators. After 20 days of rolling our eggs are pulled out of the incubators and placed at the start of our automatic candling and transferring machine.

Trays are placed on the automatic conveyor belt by our hatchery team and swiftly move under the scanner allowing us to remove any infertile eggs, further ensuring disease is kept at bay.
The automated machine also provides us with the necessary figures on fertility so that we can plan the hatching schedule for the forthcoming days.

Once the eggs are transferred, they are placed in our hatchers which have a 10 stage process where the embryo will transition through over the next 4-5 days. Our hatchery is managed 24/7 throughout the season, along with having an automatic alarm system linked to each machine to let us know if it has moved out of its critical control points.


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