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Taste of Game on the Nation's Shelves

Brilliant to see Taste of Game's mouth-watering crisps on the shelves of national supermarkets.


Taste of Game

On the Nation's Supermarket Shelves

With game meat becoming more and more popular across the nations shelves (including the NHS serving up game) it is brilliant to see other areas of food becoming innovative in bringing the flavour of game to the mainstream.

Taste of Game have launched four mouth-watering flavours of crisps to help the mainstream market experience the taste of, well, game!

- Smoked Pheasant & Wild Mushroom

- Grouse & Whinberry (Winner of the Great Taste Awards 2018)

- Wild Duck & Plum Sauce

- Wild Boar & Apple

Along with beautiful packaging, we are big fans of this innovative idea to promote the taste of game across the nation's shelves.


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