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Never Has Getting Ahead of the Game Ever Been so Important as Now.

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Take a tour of the magic that happens every year at one of the UK’s leading game farms where quality has never been compromised – Bettws Hall.

The 2020/21 shooting season will never be forgotten but, as we roll into the start of the rearing season, focus must now be placed on ensuring that, for the right reasons, the 2021/22 shooting season lives up to be the biggest, best, and brightest for us all.

And that all starts with one simple rule; a Quality Shoot begins with Quality Stock. As one of the first adopters of the BGA Game Farm Assurance Schemes, we at Bettws Hall have consistently been setting the standards in Game Bird welfare throughout our 30 year history, successfully rearing high-quality, healthy poults annually.

And that commitment is no different today.


As a BGA registered Game Farm we are professionally audited to ensure all practices adhere to the strict guidelines set for the industry. It is key for our sector and to keep moving with the times, setting the standards in Game Farm welfare. We think of it as the 'Red Tractor' for the game farming world.

Game farms, shoot owners and any individual involved in the buying of stock cannot underestimate the importance and huge benefits of purchasing from a BGA registered entity. It is important so that we are all on a level playing field, all operating to the highest levels. You only have one real chance in ensuring your stock in time for the new season; by committing to a breeding unit like Bettws Hall, you can be confident in securing your season with the highest quality, managed and well-bred stock.


Produced from our state of the art hatchery which has been specifically designed for the game industry, a proven and established process takes the egg to the chick. Automatic egg washers are used to clean and disinfect the eggs using jets, helping to improve the hygiene and quality of the egg before incubation.

Eggs are placed in our incubators for 21 days on pheasant and 20 days on partridge - the machines are monitored regularly and automatically rotate the eggs allowing the embryo to develop evenly, akin to the hen rolling the egg whilst in the nest.

An automatic candler and transfer machine only allows fertile eggs to be transferred, therefore cutting out all elements of disease during the hatching stage. After 25 days within our hatchery the egg is now a chick, ready to be delivered to its new home! We run an automatic breuil chick counting machine, which allows us to quality check at several points, and place the chicks in their 'one use' insulated cardboard boxes quickly and efficiently, ready for their new home anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

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Each year we rear high-quality, healthy poults over 60 different rearing sites through Mid-Wales & Shropshire. All of the sites are either owned or managed by Bettws Hall and each has an individual manager who has total day to day control over bird husbandry, an important factor in BGA compliance to ensure each and every bird is reared with care.

Over the years we have bred and reared a wide variety of pheasants and partridge for both our own shoots and for a thriving portfolio of customers too, building an impressive breeding programme with the knowledge gained from different trials carried out. Although we believe that the Manchurian Cross is a fantastic all round pheasant which continues to perform in flight, hardiness, hold-ability and taste, we do respect that each Head Keeper has their own personal favourite and, with this in mind, we also offer Polish (known as Bazanty), Manchurian Pure, Common Ring Neck, Chinese Ring Neck, K-Thunder, Kansas, Black Neck and Melanistic too.

For partridge, we specialise in French Red Leg Partridge which have a proven track record for both exceptional flight and 'hold-ability'.

Breeding aside, the most important factor is the health of the bird. With the most up-to-date stock and equipment, strict standards in place and passionate staff, it enables us to produce the finest quality pheasants and partridges for national and international (Ireland), temperature controlled delivery on time - every time.

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Rearing quality chicks to the highest BGA standards requires quality equipment. For the last 30 years we have endeavoured to improve the way we rear our game. This has resulted in us designing and creating our new, patented, proven rearing systems. With the first few weeks of a chick's life being the absolute most imperative, the result of our new rearing systems have seen a huge increase in output with a 95% average rear and at a lower cost price due to efficiency.

- Innovative design for easy erection and dismantle

- Easily cleaned and stored

- Greater efficiency and insulation with only one low pressure Ceram heater required

- 1,000 birds per coup

- 6'6'' at the highest point for user comfort

Our patented rearing system design has been centred on maximising the welfare of our game birds and believe by improving this factor we have increased the health of our birds, on our rearing fields and in turn on our customer's shoots.


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