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Lunch with a View!

Our lunch lodges are the ideal place to take a recess between drives and fuel the shooting.

Wondrous views are aplenty in Mid-Wales and what better way to enjoy them than in our lunch lodges?

Quite often after the 3rd drive we sit down for lunch in our lodges; each of which has its own twist across our six estates. With heating, toilet facilities and a gas-fired kitchen, our hospitality team are able to provide first-class servings amongst comfortable splendour.

First-class Hospitality

From birthday cakes to rare foods to game to even the most specific dietary requirements, we are able to ensure each and every member of your team, when shooting or not, are catered for with fresh, local and wholesome ingredients.

We still have a small number of Individual Pegs and Team Days available for those looking to experience what we do here at Bettws Hall.

Contact Marc to discuss

+44 (0) 1686 650628

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