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Egg-to-Peg-to-Plate | Part 7: Crating Time!

After 7 weeks for Pheasant and 14 weeks for Partridge, it's time to crate our beautiful birds and move to their new homes!


7 weeks ago our rearing site took a delivery of day-old Pheasant chicks. Now, they will be safely and efficiently crated as plush 7 week-old poults, ready for their new home at a destination anywhere in the country.

Having proceeded through a strict and proven feeding routine and enjoying plenty of time in our grass-based runs, the resulting poults never cease to amaze us in how well they grow and perform.

We have our own on-site vet who monitors our health plan and visits our stock throughout the season, allowing us to send a health certificate with every order of poults. Our rearing results are published to demonstrate the confidence we have in our proven and perfected process, with an average rear of 95% across our rearing sites.

The same process goes for our Partridge poults with the exception of a 14 week period at our rearing site.

Our phenomenal crating team make the process of entering the coup, removing the bits, handing out to the catcher and into the crates a fine art. This reduces time in the coup and ensures the poults are kept comfortable and stress-free.
Proudly bringing flexible employment to the local area, our crating team, and the wider Game Farm team, are always looking for enthusiastic individuals to join us, whether this season or next. Please pop us an email to or call 01686 650628.

Once all birds are crated, our delivery team take the reigns to deliver to sporting estates, small and large, anywhere in the country. We have a fleet of small trailers, small lorries and HGVs to ensure all order sizes can be met depending on the client's requirements.

From chick to poult, we have spent a great deal of time over our 30 years continually improving what we do and raising the bar in stock welfare. We take great pride in seeing our chicks grow into fine, proud poults and delivering them to our customers, building their incredible shooting seasons.

We would be delighted to send you a brochure for your 2022 season. Please drop us an email, call or DM below for yous.

+44 (0) 1686 640678


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