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Egg-to-Peg-to-Plate | Part 1: It all starts with an egg.

As the smoke swirls from the barrels on a frosty, glorious Winter's day at Vaynor Park, the smell of gunpowder and echoes of shots amongst the hanging woods of the beautiful Welsh countryside are concluded with a long, consistent blow of the shoot host's horn.

To think that the drive was a work of art, brought about by the hard work of a team in perfect sync behind-the-scenes, would undermine the fact that this drive was set in motion far earlier than the morning coffee, or the previous night's chivalry, or indeed the moment you excitedly left home to start your perfect shooting trip at Bettws Hall.

For all that leads to the moment you pull the trigger, the incredible journey of the magnificent, unmistakable Bettws Hall birds started way back in the early Spring.


Many shoots of all sizes from all corners of the country trust us with their stocking requirements, as well as our own six exclusive estates.

It is absolutely paramount that we consistently delivery to the highest standards and that really does come down to the very basic ingredient - our egg.

Eggs arrive into our Hatchery from our trusted laying fields containing closed flocks before being transferred onto trays one-by-one. During the hatching and rearing season, Bettws Hall proudly employ local staff to meet the demands of a busy few months in the Hatchery.
A two-lane automatic egg sanitiser ensures the shell is free of any bacteria. Chicks, like any mammal, have an umbilical cord and thus must be hatched in a completely clean environment. Trays are then loaded onto trollies according to breed and origin. Trollies are then kept in a thermostatically-controlled storage room prior to being pre-heated at 27°C for 12 hours before setting.

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