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Chick this Out!

The first chicks have been hatched with pheasant and partridge flying out of the doors.

driven pheasant and partridge shooting uk
The First Chicks have Hatched!


Hatch Day Success! Our First Pheasant and Partridge Chicks Arrive.

We're thrilled to announce the arrival of our first clutch of pheasant and partridge chicks for the season! This hatch marks a significant milestone for us, and we can't wait to share it with you.

Quality Stock, Healthy Chicks:

Our commitment to quality starts with the very best breeding stock. We meticulously select our birds to ensure strong genetics and a foundation for healthy, thriving chicks. This translates to poults (young pheasants and partridges) that are robust, have excellent flight capabilities, and are well-suited for release.

Unwavering Biosecurity:

Your birds' health is our priority. That's why we implement strict biosecurity measures throughout the entire breeding and hatching process. This minimizes the risk of disease and ensures your chicks get the healthiest possible start in life.

Building Strong Relationships:

We understand the importance of trust and open communication. We're dedicated to building strong relationships with our customers, from providing expert advice on selecting the right birds for your needs to ensuring a smooth delivery process.

Nationwide Delivery:

No matter your location in the UK, we can deliver your pheasant and partridge chicks directly to you. We use secure and reliable transportation methods to guarantee your chicks arrive safely and in peak condition.

This hatch is just the beginning! We're excited to continue providing exceptional birds and exceptional service throughout the season. Stay tuned for updates on future hatches and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. We're always happy to chat about your specific needs and how we can help!

Joe Drew: 01686 650 628 |

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