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Big Birds and New Lodges this Week!

Another busy week sees the arrival of one of the largest helicopters to visit Bettws and a new Sporting Lodge Décor!

Too big to land on our tarmac, this big bird touched down for an early-morning arrival amongst a blanket of fog at Bettws.

Throughout the season we welcome many helicopter landings at Bettws Hall, with an average flight time of 55 mins from London to Shooting Utopia!

As well this Big Bird landing this week, our Shropshire-based Kempton estate kicked off its season with a newly fitted out lodge where guns will meet and dine throughout their day with us.

Traditional Shooting amongst the Rolling Hills of Shropshire

Our Kempton estate, perched some 1000ft above sea level and offering jaw-dropping views of the Shropshire surroundings, is a pleasant estate with well-presented sporting birds.

We are able to entertain teams from 250+ bag sizes throughout November to January.

If you would be interested in shooting at Kempton, please get in touch with Marc to discuss | +44 (0) 1686 650628

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