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Bettws Hall NHS Support Raffle

The target was ambitious. But we were overwhelmed by the response. Read about our NHS Support Raffle here.

It was during the Clap for Heroes one Thursday evening in early April that Bettws Hall Directors, Ann & Gwyn, decided that more than a clap was deserved of our amazing NHS staff. And so an ambitious plan was created to raise much-needed funds for NHS Charities Together; a combination of NHS charities that, together, donate £1 million pounds every day to the NHS.

A 400 bird day at Vaynor Park, Berriew, one of our six beautiful estates, was donated as a prize for the lucky entrant to attend with their own team. A JustGiving page was set up with a £100 donation resulting in one ticket for the draw, set to take place on the 1st November 2020.

'Vaynor provides the perfect combination of excellent sport in a lovely environment, amongst people who have been our friends for years!' 

Sara Chantler 

Throughout the Summer we campaigned and steadily rose our number up before momentum really got going through the start of the shooting season in mid-September. By October we were nearing our £50k target!

Monday 19th October it was announced that Wales would go into a 2 week lock down commencing Friday 23rd October. This meant that our original draw date of November 1st was brought forward to that Friday. And over the remaining four days of fundraising before lock down, we were overwhelmed to see the support of the shooting community come together and help us raise a final figure of £59,185!!

Gwyn & Ann Evans, Directors of Bettws Hall, invited 6 very special guests to the grand draw to be held at The Lodges accommodation where we entertain our shooting clients.

- Russel George, AM, Shadow Minister for the Economy and Transport

- Cllr Gareth Pugh

- Rosemary Harris, Powys County Council Leader

- Richard Jones, Internal Communications Manager, Shrewsbury & Telford NHS Trust

- Via TV Link | Jules Lewis, NHS Nurse

- Amazon Alexa, Official Ticket Drawer!

A socially distanced Champagne reception was held for our guests who each gave a meaning and passionate statement on the importance of the NHS and what the support means for those fighting on the front line.

A truly touching speech was given by the wonderful Jules Lewis about the effects fighting on the front line daily has and how the support given by NHS Charities Together is so imperative winning this worldwide battle.

At just gone 4:00pm we went LIVE on our Instagram Stream to say a huge thank you to all donators, supporters and, most importantly, the NHS. The final figure was announced, immediately dispelling a quiet astoundment of the support given by the shooting, local and wider community.

Our final guest, Amazon's Alexa, was then asked by George Russell AM "Alexa, pick a number between 1 - 579".

Below is our video from the LIVE feed. See if it was your lucky ticket at the 9 minute mark...

TICKET 136!!

And so, the finale was reached on a momentous day and in the crack of time before the Welsh lock down. Gwyn & Ann would like to take this opportunity to once again to thank our guests for their efforts, words and time. They would also like to express their thanks to the shooting, local and wider community for raising such an enormous amount to such a worthy cause.

But, above all, they would like to express their thanks to the NHS and all staff who are fighting to keep this world a safer and better place for us all. Thank You.

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