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Are You Going to Leave Your Season's Success to Chance? Proven, Trusted, Experienced.

Make no mistake, the 2021/22 shooting season is by far the most important season for us all. Don't leave your estate's success to chance. See why Bettws Hall, the UK's largest game farm, is trusted by so many to deliver quality stock.

Produced from bespoke, patented rearing systems over 60 high-welfare rearing sites all managed by Bettws Hall, the process by-which an egg becomes a chick and on to a poult is nothing short of impressive. Offering a variety of breeds of Pheasant and priding themselves on producing the best red-legged Partridge poults in the UK, all of which are traceable back to the origin and farm that the egg was delivered from. There are no half-measures at Bettws. They simply deliver season-after-season.


Over the years, Bettws Hall have bred and reared a wide range of pheasants for both their own six exclusive estates and for shoots, small and large, up and down the country. Appreciating that each Head Keeper, and indeed estate, have their own requirements, Bettws look to work closely with their customers to deliver the right poult for the right estate.

The rearing sites that Bettws Hall use, all contract-rearers based local to their HQ, take in day old chicks from the hatchery. A stringent feeding structure, coupled with rearing practises that are BGA Assured, give the chicks the absolute best chance of growing into an incredible, beautiful poult; a process that takes between 7 weeks for pheasants and 14 weeks for partridge.


Talking of partridge, Bettws specialise in French Red Leg Partridge which have a proven track record for both exceptional flight and 'hold-ability'. Crucially, a routine cocci treatment in force which has been agreed with an independent vet and has proven to increase rearing percentage whilst reducing the stress on the birds every season. Furthermore, a set feed routine for the duration of the period and, at 10 weeks, all of the partridge are wormed through their food, prior to delivery.

Setting breed of the bird aside, the fundamental factor in ensuring successful stock is in the health of the chick and poult. With the most up-to-date technology and equipment in place at the impressive Bettws Hall hatchery, they are able to produce the finest quality pheasants for national and international (Ireland) delivery on time - every time.

A glimpse of the patented rearing systems in use at Bettws Hall. Unique, effective and a proven success in rearing the finest poults in a cost-efficient, high-welfare environment. Available new and good used from £1,000 + VAT per coup.

A word from Bettws Hall

We have all been through an unprecedented season. Something that has become clear during this time is the collective resilience of the shooting industry. It is something to be very proud of. It cannot be understated just how important this forthcoming season will be to each and every one of us. Do not leave your stock, the fundamental success to your shoot, to chance. We have, and always will, work hard to ensure the stock that we supply are strong, healthy and of the absolute highest quality. There can be no room for anything else.

Take the step and see why we are trusted by so many shoots, small and large, all around the country and the Republic of Ireland. Our Sales Team look forward to working with you.

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