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The British Game Alliance was set up to promote, develop and assure the consumption of game meat by creating a thriving game meat market underpinned by independent assurance from egg to plate.

Promoting game across all sectors as a marketing board for game meat, the BGA runs its 'British Game' assurance scheme for participating shoots and allows members to boast 'best practice' whilst accessing new markets.

Bettws Hall have been a long-standing and proud member of the BGA. With an industry-leading game farm and world-renowned shooting estates, it is imperative that we not only adhere but exceed the stringent standards set by the BGA.

From full and thorough traceability of each egg through to conservation on our six estates and finally a sustainable and assured game meat product, we strongly support the work the BGA carry out in securing the future of our sport, our industry and our livelihoods for generations to come.


The BGA exists to promote game meat to the general public, championing its versatility, delicious tastes and superior health benefits. Through its 'British Game' assurance scheme, consumers can be confident of the provenance of their food.


The BGA help increase the value of our game by finding new markets and strengthening demand. By carrying the 'British Game' stamp our guests are assured they are participating in a shoot that adheres to the highest standards.


As a participating shooing estate, we encourage our clients to pay a voluntary levy of 50p per bird which gets passed on 100% to the BGA to support the incredible work they do in securing the future of sustainable shooting.
This is entirely at the discretion of the guns.

To learn more about what Bettws Hall and the British Game Alliance means to sustainable hatching and shooting, please contact Marc Brown at or visit the British Game Alliance website.


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