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Egg-to-Peg-to-Plate | Part 6: Our Rearing Coups

Prior to the arrival of chicks on our rearing fields, our innovative patented rearing systems have to be built and prepared for the exciting arrival!


Taking less than 15 minutes to build, our patented rearing systems really are a game changer in the way we rear our stock.

In 2020 we were granted our patent to protect our rearing system design which overnight saw us save 3p per bird on rearing through greater efficiency, centre on maximising the welfare of the bird and the ease-of-use for the user.

Each stillage holds 5 coups which are transported to our fields via a telehandler. Outside of the rearing season, the stillages offer the perfect space-saving storage to ensure equipment remains clean, protected and ready to move!
Unfolding and built from a flat-pack that would catch IKEA's attention, our rearing systems are made from strong galvanised frames for longetivity and ease of cleaning. 6'6'' at the highest point, they are a dream to work in compared to older, smaller and cramped systems.

In just under 15 minutes, two people can erect the frame, add the 70mm insulation panels and affix the tarpaulin to secure the system together in one energy-efficient, waterproof and wind-resistant package.

Inside the coops, sufficient for 1,000 chicks, are 8 nipple drinkers, 5 feeders and 1 low pressure Ceram heater, all backing onto a 50' by 50' run. With such an efficient system, we are able to easily and quickly move all equipment for field rotations between seasons.


Our Patented Rearing Systems are available to purchase with nationwide delivery. For 2022 deliveries, please contact Richard on +44 (0) 1686 650628

From the hatchery, our refrigerated, tracked vans ensure safe, quick and comfortable delivery of our chicks not just to our own rearing fields but to yours, nationwide, too.

And finally, the chicks are in! Exploring their new home with ample heat and plenty of fresh, quality food and water. This signals the start of a 7 week rear for pheasant and 14 week rear for Partridge.

See how we can help you:

+44 (0) 1686 640678

+44 (0) 7872 300286


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