Shooting UK – Stalking – Deer

We can facilitate a stalking trip like no other. Exploring the rugged terrain of the British Isles either with a Ghillie or without, you will be treated to some of the most beautiful scenery and the opportunity to hunt award worthy trophies. With 6 species of deer in the UK widely available to hunt – there is a stalk suited to the most discerning of hunters or for the novice alike.

If you wish to experience the ultimate challenge in the UK, then a Macnab must be attempted – a salmon on the fly, a brace of grouse with a shotgun and a stag with the rifle, all in the same day! Achieving this feat will put you amongst the elite sportsman in the world.

“In the UK we are blessed in that we have 6 species of deer now established on our shores – the native Red and Roe, the Asiatic species; Sika, Chinese Water and Muntjac, and lastly the Fallow, which was introduced by the Normans but is now virtually considered native. We have scoured the width and breadth of the UK to ensure that you can test your mettle on any or all of these species in their natural and regional environment. If you are seeking the ultimate stalking thrill it has to be a red stag in the Scottish Highlands. If you want to be among the elite, why not try your hand at a Macnab?”

William Evans

UK Shooting – Grouse

The UK is famous for its plethora of sporting opportunities. None are more prized than the opportunity to shoot the iconic grouse on the moors of Northern England or Scotland. Grouse are unique to the British Isles and are an entirely wild species which makes them a highly sought after specimen. We are able to source grouse shooting on some of the finest moors in the North of England and Scotland to ensure that you don’t miss out on this magnificent opportunity.

The season begins on the ‘Glorious 12th’ of August when it is likely that you will be shooting in short sleeves and sunglasses, and runs through until early December when the British weather calls for a slightly more robust approach to staying warm and dry. No matter when you decide to book your sporting trip of a lifetime, the combination of the grouse and our meticulous attention to detail will ensure that this becomes an annual expedition not to be missed.

“Despite our history at Bettws Hall being founded on great pheasant shooting, we are not blind to the fact that the UKalso has the most iconic game bird of all, the red grouse. This incredible bird is still considered the king of flight due to the completely wild nature and sheer speed and trajectory at which they fly. I have been very fortunate to meet and be associated with some of the incredibly enthusiastic sportsmen from many of the UK’s finest moors and to be able to shoot with them. As a result, we can facilitate the shooting trip of a lifetime. It is understandable why virtually every gun in our sport either makes the annual pilgrimage to North England or Scotland, or simply dreams of doing so.”

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