Shooting Spain – Partridge Shooting and Big Game Hunting – A Typical Day

Spain offers a wide variety of hunting species from the high mountains with the four indigenous species of ibex and Pyrenean and Cantabrian chamois down to the rolling hills where red deer, Barbary sheep and wild boar roam. ‘Monteria’ hunting is unique to Spain and provides an incredible adrenalin rush as varied species of game are driven towards guns using hunting dogs. If flight is more your fancy – you can also shoot the famous Spanish red leg partridges driven in the traditional style or as high crossing birds. Spain is famous for the quality of its partridge shooting experience, and the breathtaking landscapes make this a truly unforgettable adventure.

"Partridges are a given, but why not try out the native Red deer, ibex, chamois and wild boar also – Monteria style. Spectacular scenery, temperate climate, wonderful accommodation and first class locally sourced produce are the making of a holiday with sporting benefits."

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