There is a Whole World Out There…


We are in the process of planning and arranging some spectacular trips for teams and individuals to our various World Wide destinations.

We undertake extremely rigorous personal testing of destinations and their hosts and staff prior to adding them to our portfolio. Taking the time needed to form a deep understanding of the ambience and the personality of the setting and Hosts is what ensures our success in creating a faultless experience for our clients.

You know you’ve hit gold when you receive these answers from your Argentinian Hosts:

1. What is the most outrageous thing a hunting party has done?

We took a group from the USA to the National Festival of Taming and Folklore which occurs each February in Jesus Maria, the evening ended in one of our visitors mounting and riding off on a wild horse.

2. Most memorable story?

One of our last solo hunters showed up with a teddy bear which he takes on all of his solo hunting trips, it’s a great ice breaker and way to remember a new face in a team, we thought it was cute.

3. Most embarrassing incident

We had a group arriving at midnight that were clearly tired from their travelling and swiftly went to their rooms to rest. The following morning, one of the hunters didn’t arrive for breakfast, so the Lodge Manager knocked at the bedroom door to awake them, as there was no reply; the Manager opened the door to see long blonde hair flowing from the person asleep in the bed. The Manager woke them by saying: ‘Madam, would you like to join us for breakfast?’ ten minutes later, the manager was embarrassed as a man with long blonde hair joined them at the table.

4. What is your best tip for shooting at your destination?

Wear your shoulder pad or return home with an Argentinian Tattoo

5. What’s for supper?

Everything except meat, just kidding!
A wide variety of typical Argentinian dishes, from delicious dove empanadas to asados and choripan (Argentinian barbeques)

6. A recent testimonial:

‘I want every one of you to know that this is the best trip I have had in 25 years. Not only was the company outstanding, but everything – wine, food, hospitality, service, birds etc.
Each part of the puzzle was in place for a fantastic time’ – J.W. North Carolina

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