The Roving Syndicate Goes World Wide

With the summer now (supposedly) in full swing I have two main objectives. First on the list is arranging the Bettws Hall Roving Gun Syndicate to ensure another successful season and great days shooting.

The Roving Gun Syndicate started eight years ago with a small selection of dates. The aim was for anyone to join in and enjoy a great days shooting without the hassle of getting a group of eight busy friends together.

The roving syndicate has been so popular that is has evolved to where we are now; 60 days varying from 200 to 550 bird days, pheasant and partridge shooting in Wales and the West Country. However, it does not stop there! There are now dates for Spanish Partridge, Argentinian dove shooting, and grouse shooting.

If you are looking for a single gun or a part team on any of the attached dates or destinations, please do not hesitate contacting me and I would of course be delighted to help.

On another note, the second objective I had mentioned for this summer – I am trying to catch one of the elusive brown trout in my parent’s in-law brook. I am ‘reliably’ informed there are some in there, however, if not, the joke is on me considering the hours spent trying with no avail! Wish me luck, and any suggestions to put me at an advantage are very welcome…!

Contact me (Peter) on +44 (0)1686 650 628