The British Game Alliance


The BGA has been going less than a year but what they have achieved in this short period is simply astounding. They have secured over 400 member shoots, they have secured an amazing range of new stockists across the country, they are actively developing markets overseas for our game, they have launched a successful Eat Wild campaign which is aimed at encouraging the wider public to use game and most importantly they have secured support from No.10 and DEFRA. A herculean effort I think you’ll agree.

With support from numerous industry leaders, this is an organisation that does not want to leave the fate of the shooting industry to chance.

“The BGA is a lifeline for all, yes all, who love our sport. Those of us who face up to shooting’s many opponents really see how vital it is for the BGA to succeed.”   Richard Benyon MP, Newbury

What can we do to help this leading organisation that is actively working to support the future of our industry? At Bettws Hall we are asking that all who have booked shooting with us for the 2019/20 season to donate 50p on every bird shot. We will be clearly, and separately from your shooting, itemising this on your invoice. This will be done to make donating as easy as possible but please note it is only a suggestion and entirely at your discretion. But please bear in mind, this is something we all need to get behind. If it comes to it, there will be no separation in legislation between “commercial shoots” and “small shoots”. We are all in this together and whether it be a sweepstake, contribution on your invoice, or signing up as a member shoot, I urge each and every one of you to do your part.

Supporting the BGA is of great importance to all of us, to safeguard the shooting community we dearly love and to raise the standards ourselves, before we’re made to raise them by others. The more sustainable and accountable we can make our sport, the better stead we stand in for years to come.

Please follow the below links for more information on the BGA. If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to call me to further discuss.

Philip Wolstenholme

British Game Alliance Explained