Team of the Month: ‘Ross Neville’

Meet November’s Gun of the Month, ‘Ross Neville’.

There are not many people who have the enthusiasm for driven game shooting that Ross has. With a passion for the ‘high stuff,’ Ross’s firm favourites lie at the Brigands, Molland and Chargot.

Ross is a very accomplished shot, bringing down some of the finest birds with remarkable consistency. We always look forward to Ross’s company on a shoot day and also in the evening, which often results in a sore head or two the following morning!!

Ross was very kind to send in the following words:

‘It’s simple – Bettws Hall are the best in the industry! This is now my fifth season with the Bettws Hall team, shooting both Wales and Devon shoots. From ‘Tommies’ at the Brigands to ‘Spitfire’ at Chargot, it does not get any better. I am in awe of the extreme pheasants that are consistently put over my head. Well done team, I look forward to many more years ahead.’

Each month the ‘Team of the Month’ will receive a Bettws Hall Schōffel gilet. If you have shot with us and would like to nominate your team, please send a picture to