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What to Wear

Head — Firstly and most importantly, ear defenders! Any sort will do but over ear “cans” offer the best protection. Any form of hat will be suitable (but not absolutely necessary), to keep your head warm & dry, and to take the sting out of any falling shot. Most common is a tweed flat-cap as they are what is traditionally worn and the peaks are relatively small so as not to intrude your sight picture. Safety glasses are recommended to protect your eyes from any falling shot. These are also useful on bright sunny days to dull the suns glare.

Top Half — Given that the weather in the UK is so changeable; numerous light layers are more practical than a shirt and a very thick coat. Start off with a cotton shirt and a tie, the latter being optional but is worn to as a sign of respect to your host and the game. A wool jumper and a waistcoat or fleece then make good options for the next layers, however if it is warmer, one or the other will suffice. Lastly a lightweight waterproof jacket, to allow good movement or other waterproof shooting coat will finish off.

Bottom Half — Tweed or moleskin breeks with wool socks and garters, or alternatively tweed or dark moleskin trousers. Ladies will often wear a tweed skirt or fitted tweed breeks.

Feet — for the earlier part of the season, September to mid-November roughly, short walking style boots will be perfectly adequate. For the latter part of the season wellies will be more appropriate due to increased rainfall.

Other — Gloves can be of use if it is a little colder than expected as you can be standing still for some time and it is good to keep your hands going for when the shooting starts. Thermals may also be required for the same reason, especially in December and January as the weather cools off. A shoulder pad can also be useful if you do not regularly shoot large volumes of cartridges, or regularly shoot cartridges of the weight required to kill high birds effectively.

REMEMBER! — Above are simply suggestions, it is important to be comfortable and able to move freely in what you’re wearing. That will allow you to enjoy your shooting the more than looking good.

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