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Shooting Terminology

Game — Our quarry, typically pheasant and partridge on our estates but can include woodcock, duck and grouse.

Bag — Total number of birds shot.

Gamekeeper — Also referred to as a “keeper”, is the person responsible for the raising of game birds, their release into the wild and the management of their habitat.

Head Keeper — The Gamekeeper in charge of numerous other keepers.

Gun — An abbreviation for a shotgun, gun, or Gun, meaning gentleman or lady who is shooting at that point in time.

Beater — People who form a team on shoot days to drive the game over the line of Guns.

Drive — One of (typically) four or five periods of the day where the team of Guns is actively shooting driven game, being presented by the keepers and beaters.

Peg — Your position within the line of Guns, typically eight or nine Guns in the line. You will draw your number blind before you move off for the first drive that morning moving up two or three pegs after each drive to rotate all Guns through the line as the day goes on.

Pickers-up — The people responsible for collecting the shot birds at the end of each drive using their gundogs. Typically there would be between four and six pickers-up on a shoot day, each using numerous gundogs, sometimes as many as ten.

Elevenses — The whole team will stop for a break between each drive, to have refreshments to socialise. At circa 11:00am, usually after the second drive, the refreshments are more substantial than the other breaks, to keep you going through the day.

“Stop” or “shoot through” — To stop means to stop the days shooting to take lunch at lunchtime, roughly 1:00pm. To shoot through means to continue shooting the full day, with no lunch and to take lunch at the end of the day once all of the shooting has been done, roughly 3:00pm-4:00pm.

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