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Shared Days

This is the perfect option for those who wish to shoot with their friends, family or colleagues, but don’t quite have enough Guns in the team to fill a full line.

Our shared days are structured to be as integrated as two groups can possibly be without having met before. We put together two groups of three to five Guns who have similar shooting ability and expectations, along with other interests where possible. In essence creating a full team of Guns who otherwise may not have crossed paths.

These days are booked in a similar way to a full team day. All you need to do is get in touch with our in-house Sporting Agents, who will get as much information from you as possible regarding your teams wishes. Alternatively you can do this through our website (link to contact form). We will then see who else we have in the pot to match you with.

Our Shared Days are charged by the bird, the price of which varies from estate to estate and includes full hospitality for a full team of SIX to TEN Guns, and any non-shooting guests who wish to join them. We can cater from bags of 200 birds to 600 plus, with the desired target bag being chosen by the team when booking.

An important point to note is that our Shared Days are just that, they will at no point turn into an Individual Gun day and we will only allow the day to go ahead if we can find two suitable groups of Guns whose diaries and desires line up.

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