Over the Past 27 Years You Haven’t Stood Still and Neither Have We

You may have noticed a change in our name and logo recently… this is for good reason! As of January 2015 we will be launching the ‘World Wide’ arm of our business – sourcing shooting, fishing and hunting around the world for our discerning guests. From the staples in the shooting calendar such as Argentinian doves and Spanish partridges, to Big Game in South Africa and fishing, shooting and stalking in the likes of New Zealand, Mauritius and Iceland to name but a few! For more details, please contact us at enquiries@bettwshall.com

As you receive this email, our new website will also be up and running. Please peruse at your convenience and let us know your thoughts! We hope you find it clearer and easier to use.

We have also completed the First Edition of our glossy new portfolio to showcase all of our Home Estates in the UK and our exclusive sporting destinations around the world. Assuming we have your address on file, our portfolio will be with you in time for the Christmas period for your perusal and to plan your trips for 2015.

If you would like to make sure we have the correct address for you, please send us an email at enquiries@bettwshall.com or call us on 01686 650628.