Maesmawr Hall Expansion

We have recently acquired the sporting rights on grounds to the South East of Maesmawr Hall. This acquisition will double the area covered by the Maesmawr Hall shoot and allow for a large increase in the number of drives. Work is well under way to ensure that we have at least 5 new drives up and running for the commencement of the 2017/18 season. For the inaugural year these drives will be mainly Pheasant but after the successful introduction of Partridge to the estate last year this will evolve.

The additional land compliments the existing estate with a similar landscape of rolling pasture hills and woodland areas lending itself to open field shooting for the guns. As a result of this expansion it has enabled us to add more days to the Maesmawr Hall portfolio. Do contact Jack or Philip in the sporting office if you’d like to know more about the estate and availability. +44 (0)1686 650628

Gwyn Evans