The Importance of Shoot Insurance

Philip Wolstenholme, from our Sporting Office goes through why we recommend taking out shoot insurance for your forthcoming season.

What does shooting insurance cover?
The vast majority of policies cover the full cost of the day, as shown on the invoice from your chosen shooting venue. Some policies on offer to Guns cover a larger array of expenses, such as hotel and travel costs which you will have already incurred before arriving at your days shooting.

When can it be redeemed?
These policies are there to cover the cost of your shooting, in the event that unforeseen circumstances prevent you from shooting your day. This is typically bad weather, such as fog or snow, although they also cover other reasons that you cannot attend, such as travel disruption, sickness or bereavement. N.B It is at the shoots discretion whether or not to cancel the day.
Why should you have it?
I am sure we can all agree, shooting is an amazing sport, but it isn’t a cheap one. On this note, would you drive a car without insuring it? No, you wouldn’t. This is because it has significant value and if something unforeseen were to happen then you will be left out of pocket.
Why shoots can’t replace the shooting, as per the guns wishes?
This is a rather contentious issue. The reason the vast majority of shoots are unable to “replace” the day is simple – they will no doubt be limited by their lease or by a full diary, as to how many days shooting they have remaining to slot in. Further to this, the day costs of a cancelled day cannot be recovered – the shoot cannot send away a team of caterers, beaters, pickers up and loaders, all of whom have given up their day, empty handed. Not to mention that if the shoot is leased from an estate, that day will have been allocated a cost to write off against the lease. The less days you shoot, the more economically unviable the shoot becomes.
Best providers and why.
Guns on Pegs Triple Barrelled insurance, underwritten by Hiscox, we find to be the most comprehensive and most friendly on the wallet. You can take out a policy which covers your shooting throughout the season or you can insure a single day. I would strongly suggest doing the whole lot, after all we have all experienced sods law and this could be the biggest case of it you experience! The full triple barrelled package also covers such expenses as your public liability insurance, guns which are lost or damaged, as well as other kit and your travel expenses. (full list of this is online)
An indication of cost – it is NOT expensive.
This morning I ran two quotes with Guns on Pegs, one to cover a day with a  value of £20,000 and one to cover a season’s worth of shooting, I put 25 days with my share costing up to £2,500 per day, no grouse, and £5,000 worth of repair available for damaged guns. The costs may surprise some of you – £834.96 for the day vs £1,014.53 for the full season. The package can be refined to suit your needs and you can insure whatever value of shooting and guns you wish. With this in mind, it never ceases to amaze me why Guns take the risk as, as a % of the monies spent on your shooting the insurance is often minimal.

More information on the Hiscox package through Guns on Pegs can be found here.

Prices at Summer 2017