Hatching Season is Well Underway!


We have now hatched in excess of 700,000 early chicks, some we have kept for ourselves and the rest have gone to customers far and wide. With a few small hatches to warm things up, we are now heading for the peak weeks. To make these more manageable we have installed three new incubators, giving us capacity to set 800,000 eggs per week.

The chicks that we have at our own shoots and rearers are all look to be in excellent health so far! With each farm rearing between 20,000 and 60,000 chicks, we are able to monitor our birds health closley in the seven weeks before they go to wood, or our customers. We have specific rearing managers who look after an allocated number of farms, and with regular visits they can easily see progress as well as any issues that may look like they are about to occur.

This season we have new coops which are a real step in the right direction. The new design gives vastly improved air circulation around the coop and reduce gas usage. This is all held together with a great communication network with the rearing team who are contacable at all hours to help our keepers and farmers with any problems.

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