Game On!

Hooray! The new season has begun! Months of preparation have been building up to this and all departments have been working like Trojans to ensure that this season will be a tremendous one! Here are some of the changes that you can expect to see here in the coming season,…along with a few surprises which we’ll keep under wraps for you to discover yourself.

Gun Room

As well as a new selection of gift items, we have extended our clothing line and updated our hire gun selection. If you forget something, we should be able to provide a replacement for you.

We have some brand new Bettws Hall/Hull Cartridge High Pheasant Extreme cartridges on the way too.

The need for Tweed

We are very proud to announce that our Hosts and Keepers will be sporting the new Bettws Hall Tweed this season, with its beautiful smooth texture and hues of wine, sky blue and heather.

Sophie Brassington has designed and tailored some splendid new breeks for us.

Lodge Improvements

The gravel outside the lodges is being replaced by beautiful new hand laid paving, we will miss the lovely crackle when driving over it, but not the difficulty in walking when wearing heels!

A brand new outdoor hot tub has been installed in a beautiful private part of the garden, what a fantastic way to relax after a day in the field.

Kempton Lodge has some new furnishings, making it a delightful and cosy place to warm up and enjoy your lunch.

Bryn Cleifion Lodge at The Brigands has undergone a complete transformation, having been restored to its former stone exterior, with new furnishings throughout, the thought of standing on your peg at the bottom of ‘Tommies’ or ‘Seven Twenty’ drive is about the only thing that will make you want to leave.

Maesmawr Head Keeper

We have appointed a new Head Keeper at Maesmawr. Liam Curtis has been with us for a few years, having started as an Under- Keeper at Chargot, then moving on to the Brigands. His knowledge of the countryside and passion for shooting will no doubt bring about some positive enhancements to the estate.

A day to remember…..

We work tirelessly to ensure that any day spent shooting with us will be one to remember for all the right reasons. If you would like a photographer to accompany you whilst with us, please let us know, we have a number of terrific and experienced field photography specialists who would be delighted to capture the best moments of your day.