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Each year we rear in excess of 1,700,000 poults over 50 different sites spread across the Welsh and Shropshire borders and the West Country. All of the sites are either owned or managed by Bettws Hall and each has an individual manager who has total day to day control over bird husbandry.

After many years of using traditional brooders, we have redesigned them to our own specification, taking the best elements and improving on the efficiency, insulation, ease of build and ultimately the health of the birds.

The 16 x 14ft coups are attached to 60 x 48ft runs with fresh grass under foot. There is food and water available in the coups and runs. We utilize nipple drinkers and open water systems which allow the birds to adapt to both methods prior to release. We find Manola feeders allow for easy feeding whilst minimising waste and disease.

We have our own on site vet who monitors our health plan and visits our stock throughout the season allowing us to send a health certificate with every order of poults. Our fleet of poult delivery vehicles consist of small trailers, small lorries, and HGVs which facilitates us to appeal to small orders and large order to suit the customers requirements.

Rearing results have been published. This demonstrates the confidence we have in the quality of our stock, with an average rear last season of 94.8%.

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