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Rearing Systems

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Rearing Systems

For the last 30 years at Bettws Hall we have endeavoured to improve the way we rear our game. This resulted in us designing and creating our new rearing system which we have tried, tested and perfected over the last 4 years on our game farm.

Our new rearing system design has been centred on maximising the welfare of our game birds and believe by improving this factor we have increased the health of our birds, on our rearing fields and in turn on our customers shoots.

Due to the more stable environment which our chicks are introduced to in their first few weeks, as a result of using our new rearing system, we have seen a dramatic improvement in our output. With a noted decrease in the use of medication.

This system has been welcomed by our rearing managers for its ease of use not only in the speed of build but through to the day to day management, dismantle and storage. Benefiting not only the game birds but you/your keepers too.

Here are some of the advantages we have found whilst using our new rearing systems;

These rearing systems can be used for Pheasant, Partridge or Ducks.


  • Innovative design allows for easy erection and dismantle
  • Takes under 15 minutes to put each unit up
  • Can be easily cleaned and disinfected before being stored away
  • Mobility of the systems mean that birds can be reared on fresh ground every year
  • Using the new rearing system, compared to the old, we have seen our average rear increase by 2.83% = an extra 28 poults per 1000 birds


  • High energy efficiency due to the design & 50ml insulation
  • Greater efficiency means that one low pressure Ceram heater (recommended) or equivalent per 1000 birds is adequate
  • On transition from our old unit to this new rearing system, even with an increase in gas prices between 2016 and 2017, we were able to save 3p per bird, on heating
  • Unique roof design and vents allow the air to flow evenly creating a more stable environment for the birds throughout the unit


  • The rearing systems are only exposed to the elements for as few as 7 (Pheasant) or 14 (Partridge) weeks of the year; ensuring longevity of the kit and allowing you to utilise an empty field once cleared
  • The rearing systems are easy to store using one of our specially design stillage’s, which hold 5 units each and are easily transported by forklift
  • Galvanised frame and waterproof roof again aids longevity and value for money of the system
  • Units are 6’ 6’’ at the highest point easing the build and daily maintenance
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