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Game Farm Facilities

The facilities at Bettws Hall are market leading. State of the art technology is used to ensure the lowest mortality rates in the UK. We do not simply comply with environmental standards and regulations – we exceed them.

Automated egg washing systems, disinfecting jet equipment, automatic candling and transferring machines are all used throughout the procedure to reduce the chance of infection or taint.

An automated Breuil chick counter is used to ensure chicks are counted quickly and efficiently so that they can be packaged and transported with as little stress to the chick as possible. These chicks leave the hatchery in purpose built ‘one use’ cardboard boxes that are insulated to maintain a constant temperature. This combined with our modern fleet of vehicles which are fitted with temperature and humidity controls as well as tracking devices to ensure that the chicks reach their destination as fit and healthy as when they left the hatchery as well as being on time, every time.

Our poults are reared in traditional brooders with large, fresh grass runs and are kept at low density to ensure good health and strong growth. We out-source contract rearing all over Mid Wales and Shropshire to ensure that our poults mature in natural surroundings and without confined conditions. Our expert team visit each site on a weekly basis to assess conditions, maturation of the poult and to maintain good relations with our contract rearers.

Lastly, poults are inspected by an on site Vet who then issues a certificate of good health before every consignment leaves.

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