Game Breeding Stock

Our game breeding stock is the lifeblood of our game hatchery program. Our system is advanced enough to tell us the following information on each egg in the hatchery – parenting, breed, origin, fertility rate, predicted hatch rate and age from lay. With this information to hand it is possible to select the perfect breeding options for the following season to continually evolve the ‘perfect pheasant’ in terms of performance, hardiness, holdability and flavour! It is this attention to detail that makes Bettws Hall a pioneer in the UK game hatchery industry.

The common ringneck is the base breed we use for the majority of our pheasants at Bettws Hall. However, we appreciate that each estate and keeper will have preferences and it is for this reason that we also breed Polish (Bazanty), Manchurian, Kansas, Black Neck, Chinese Ring Necks and Melanistic. Ex laying stock are also available.

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