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Although we do not breed ducks on site at Bettws Hall due to the disease precautions in place, we do provide a large number of ducks nationwide and into Ireland too, both at day old and grower stage.

The ducklings are sourced as day olds locally which enables us to follow their breeding lines closely. They are purchased in large numbers which enables us to be very competitive on price throughout the country at both day olds and growers.

Each year we rear in excess of 35,000 duck growers on two different sites at Bettws Hall home farm. Ducklings are housed in brooder sheds with overhead gas heaters to maintain the temperature. Open water drinkers are used for a clean water supply and large grass runs are available for the birds as soon as the weather will allow.

Both sites have a large area of open water available to them and are ideal for letting the ducks find their paddles! The ducks will be totally released on to the water for at least 2 weeks before delivery so that they can harden off and develop all the important oils in their feathers which they will need in weeks to come.

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