Game Farm Hatchery

Our game farm has come to be recognised as a leading UK hatchery, offering top-bred pheasant, partridge and duck chicks and poults for sale. We invest a huge amount into our facilities and processes and with many years of experience and expertise behind us, we deliver your pheasant and partridge chicks and poults on time and in prime condition.


Hatchery & Game Farm

Our state of the art hatchery uses the highest standard of technology along with our vast expertise in breeding, to produce the finest chicks available. Our chicks are transported in custom designed, insulated, single use cardboard boxes which ensure a constant temperature, and are delivered in our fleet of temperature controlled vehicles, by our knowledgeable drivers.

We rear in excess of 1.7 million partridge and pheasant chicks and poults per year, on 62 rearing sites spread across the Welsh and Shropshire borders. All of the sites are either owned or managed by Bettws Hall, and each has an individual manager with day to day control over bird husbandry, and works to our stringent controls. The advantages of smaller rearing sites are that we can monitor each site closely and maintain cross infection control to a much higher degree than in larger sites, thus ensuring the health of the chicks and poults, and reliability for delivering at the agreed time.pheasant chicks for sale

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