‘Fore’ the Love of Shooting

Shoot – definition

  1. To hit wound or kill with a missile fired from a weapon
  2. To throw or propel (a ball or other projectile in a game) in a specific direction towards the objective

v.shot, shots, shooting

The similarities between golf and shooting are numerous.

  • Are precision sports,
  • Take part outdoors in beautiful landscapes
  • Weather dependent, wind can be a factor in both activities
  • Utilise a tool (gun or golf club) to aim a projectile (ball or cartridge) at a target
  • Can induce frustration if it takes too many shots to hit your target
  • Sociable with great comradery
  • Aided by help (Caddy or Loader)

The mind-set needed to succeed in shooting is akin to the mind-set needed to succeed in golf. So much so, there is a history of Golf professionals receiving training from Olympic Shooters. One thing is for certain though; you should never bring a golf club to a gunfight!

Bettws Hall and our beautiful lodges are set in an area of outstanding natural beauty and not only ideally located to take advantage of our prestigious shooting estates, but also ten golf courses, ranging from a stunning nine hole just a few miles away to an 18 hole parkland course designed by the respected Scottish course designer C.K.Cotton.