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Estate Essentials: Maesmawr Hall

Yes, it’s arguably one of our more beautiful estates but we don’t want to rest of those laurels, so there’s a lot underway at Maesmawr Hall this summer in preparation of the rapidly approaching season.

The main valley within the estate that leads to the Hall is benefitting from some work in the off season with improvements to the road, along with the exciting news of the installation of a new 11’s hut. This new structure will be strategically positioned at the heart of the estate to allow guns to take in the beautiful views of the lake and surrounding countryside while enjoying their mid-morning break.

Maesmawr Hall’s resident chef, Mike, already has some fabulous and delicious menu’s prepared for your 11’s and lunch, if you have already booked your day with us then you will be receiving the menu shortly.

Last season saw the introduction and phenomenal success of a new drive, ‘Hanging Oaks’. As a result, we want to further its potential and are increasing our cover crops in that area, along with creating another new drive for our guests this season. We have high hopes this will be just as successful and the further increase in drives across the estate has allowed for a greater variety on shoot days.

The estate will continue to present both pheasant and partridge drives this year across the stalwart drives, with the impressive partridge showing themselves again on ‘Buttercups’ and ‘North Pole’, whilst the one and only ‘Fron Green’ will continue to present some classic sporting pheasants.

Amy and her team at Maesmawr Hall always ensure the estate has a very welcoming and family feel to it and love for you to experience and share your days with others, not only your fellow shooting guests but also non-shooting guests too – so feel free to bring along your loved one, children or friends to experience the day with you.

David, Amy, Liam, Conor, Mike and Clara look forward to welcoming you this season.


Current Maesmawr Hall individual gun availability can be viewed here

To secure any of the pegs or to enquire about team days please do contact the sporting office on enquiries@bettwshall.com or +44(0)1686 650628