Estate Essentials: Bettws Hall

ESTATE ESSENTIALS: This month’s estate essentials article will focus on Bettws Hall, the inaugural shoot within the Bettws Hall portfolio. Gwyn Evans has been organising shoot days over this ground for 30 years now, yet there are still a few new opportunities to explore given the expansion of land last year.
On the eastern side of the estate the keepers will be busy over the next few months as we continue to refine and make improvements to drives such as Long Wood. The slight tweaking of the cover crops location and increase in size will significantly develop and refine the flight and presentation of these mixed pheasant and partridge drives.
James Joules the lead host at Bettws is working closely with the keepering team and says ‘’For me the most exciting news is that of a bigger pen being built within our newly planted Laurel wood. The new pen will benefit some of our newer drives such as Beeches, Watkins Wallow and Glanbechan Wood and should make for some great sport in the coming season.’’
The duck ponds are always a favourite at Bettws Hall and will no doubt continue to offer an alternative fun way to end your days sport or kick off your break with an evening duck flighting on your arrival at our lodges the evening before shooting.

To secure any individual pegs or to enquire about team days please do contact the sporting office on or +44(0)1686 650628