Don’t Fly for Me Argentina!

A team of seven guns consisting of highly experienced shots from all over the world recently made their way to Argentina for a five day dove and duck shooting extravaganza at Veracruz Lodge hosted by one of our experienced team, Richard Crofts. After departing from their chosen airports and meeting in Buenos Aires, the team united for their first trip of the year together. After making their way to the cosy thatched roof lodge, they drank in the spectacular views and settled into their accommodation with some fine food and beverages.

First light saw the team head out for a morning of wildfowl shooting. Each individual gun was accompanied by a very experienced ‘Bird Boy’; this ensured the ducks came thick and fast. The Bird Boys not only count the game shot, but also use their knowledge and skill to lure the ducks in with decoy patterns and a variety of calls. After an exhilarating morning, it was back to the lodge for some refreshments and a short siesta by the pool before going out to the Dove fields. A barbeque lunch of fine Argentine meat together with wines from all over the world was readily available out in the field. Pleasantly satiated, the team began an afternoon of dove shooting. The warm wind was blowing which meant the doves came from all directions and at all angles resulting in very testing shooting for even the most accomplished shots!

As the sun began to set, the team returned to the lodge to be greeted with Champagne and canapés before an evening of relaxing in the beautiful countryside of Argentina.

The following days were just as magical with full days on duck and some days on dove. Arrangements of daily shooting schedules were made on each particular day – at the request of the team. All requirements were catered to by the friendly and helpful staff, including arrangement of a private plane for the return journey to Buenos Aires. Lunches were cooked on an open fire and enjoyed outside, amongst great friends, duck, dove and the odd cow!