Bettws Hall Raises Over £28,000 For Charities During 2017/18 Season

Bettws Hall raises over £28,000 for charities during 2017/18 season.

Each season Bettws Hall sets out to raise the most amount of money possible for charities close to our hearts that provide vital services to the remote areas in which our estates are situated, with the help from our generous guests.

Bettws Hall and our chosen charities are extremely grateful to have such generous guests grace our pegs each season and rarely does a day go by without a team contributing to charity in one way or another.

A significant amount of the grand total, £16,780, was presented to the Wales Air Ambulance by the Maesmawr Hall team at the end of the 2017/18 shooting season.

Amy Evans, host at Maesmawr Hall said ‘’We far surpassed our expectations and this sizeable donation would not have been possible if it were not for the extreme generosity shown by one guest on a shoot day at Maesmawr Hall last season, notably for the second year in succession. He would prefer not be named, but his great kindness added a substantial amount to this fund and we are extremely grateful for this.’’

Thankfully Bettws Hall have not had need for the air ambulance services this past season but we are ever grateful for the care they provide in this most rural of areas.

A further £11,870 in donations was made to a wide variety of other local and national charities by supporting charity events with donations, auction lots and entry fees for charity auctions, personal challenges and shooting events.  Causes that have benefitted include; The Country Food Trust, Game Keepers Welfare, Diabaetes UK, Mental Health UK, Starlight, RJAH and Brecon Mountain Rescue.

Finally, we would like to say a huge thank you once again to our high spirited and generous teams, individuals and tour groups for all of their kind contributions. Whether they are big or small, they have helped someone or something that without their money may have fallen by the wayside.