Bettws Hall Garm Farm Hatchery is Up and Running | Bettws Hall

The Bettws Hall Game Farm hatchery has now re-opened for the 2017 season. With 8.2 million eggs being set this spring it is going to be our biggest hatching season to date. Our first chicks will emerge on 4th April and we then continue for 15 weeks until the middle of July.

Here are some hatchery stats for the forthcoming season;

  • 576 egg trolleys are on site, each used a minimum of 4 sets per season, potentially holding up to 36,450 eggs per season
  • The egg washer will work for 164 hours and the chick counter works at a rate of 60,000 per hour
  • An egg has 960 turns in the incubator before it is transferred to the hatchery
  • The team have 30 VERY early mornings each season and too many late nights to count
  • We have a fleet of 20 temperature controlled vehicles for deliveries
  • Each week we can deliver up to 92 separate chick customers
  • We have 52 rearing sites across Mid Wales & borders, where we can crate up to 35,000 poults per evening and up to 120,000 poults during peak weeks

Richard Crofts as ever is being ably assisted by Tracey Harris, Hatchery Manager who has rarely been seen away from her incubators in the last few weeks as she ensures everything is ready for the first hatch and forthcoming season. Clara Bright has also been promoted within the department and they are now joined by Amanda Morris, another helpful voice at the end of the phone for all our Game Farm clients.

As ever at Bettws Hall we are continuing to progress and we have recently invested in some state of the art equipment which has been fitted in recent weeks with the aim of further increasing bio-security throughout the Hatchery. This we hope will in turn further strengthen the quality of our product that Bettws Halls’ clients receive.

Be sure to follow us on our dedicated Facebook page for updates throughout the season.