Bettws Hall Enters the Art World

Terence Lamberts artwork of game birds and other native British wildlife has been seen within the lodges and gun rooms of Bettws Hall for many years now. With both parties being seen as leaders within their respective fields and both being based in Montgomeryshire, Mid Wales, a natural relationship developed. Initially Gwyn and Ann Evans were clients buying pieces from Terence regularly to adorn their home and well-appointed Bettws Hall lodges. On the opening of the Gun Room a few years later, Terence’s pieces were then available for the guests to purchase.

A friendship was naturally born and during a conversation with Gwyn Evans, a chance remark by Gwyn that he was looking to invest in a sculpture for the hall, caused Terence’s creative juices to flow. With the opportunity to call on all those three dimensional techniques he had discovered at art school, he had at last the chance to develop his own language to sculpt. This inevitably led to creating sculptures that, like his 2 dimensional work, have a narrative, are precise and they live.

Gwyn and all at Bettws Hall have recognised Terence’s unique talent and have given him the freedom to create his first collection without interfering with the creative process. This has led to the creation of this fantastic 8 piece collection before you, from what was initially going to be a single piece of art for Bettws Hall. The vision and artwork was simply too good not to create and share.

Terence has taken the brief to create pieces that best represent the 2 parties; therefore we have a fantastic mix of anatomically correct game birds and other ornithological species that spoke to Terence during the creative process. They all perfectly compliment one another and yet each piece offers its own character and presence to its future custodian.

Together Terence and the team at Bettws Hall hope you enjoy this inaugural, for both parties, collection of bronze artwork, produced in partnership to best represent the best of British game birds.

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