As One Season Ends… Another Begins!

In the next 8 months, we are going to give you an insight as to what happens behind the scenes at Bettws Hall to get to that all important day out in the field!

January – February

Our team have been getting ready for the 2019/20 season. Our overwintering hens have been monitored daily, and received their vaccinations and are now ready for ‘their’ busy time.

By overwintering our hens, we know the exact origin and can guarantee the breed supplied to our clients. Another bonus of overwintering is that we have been monitoring bird weight, feed intake and medication since the hens were day olds, this is where the quality of our product begins.

We produce just over 40% of our own eggs here in Mid Wales, with the remainder being bought in from France, Hungry, Poland and America (again depending on customers breed requirements). All our oversees suppliers are visited on an annual basis, all of which have proven and tested blood lines.

And to top of this article, we have just been informed that our first 12 eggs of the season have been laid! However, they will be going into a victoria sponge rather than the hatchery.